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Case Studies


An innovative new food product had been developed by a small UK company. The problem it had was that it was so novel and unique that nobody had even heard of the product so how could anybody find it online?

Our solution was to create a Free recipe portal website related to the food market and then to use that resource to persuade customers to try the new product. The site was promoted and quickly went to the top of google and other major search engines for it's main keywords and 1000s of related searches. This resulted in daily traffic hits of 4,500-5,500.

Additionally we developed a strategy of using eBay to further take the product to the market with specially designed promotional listings encouraging impulse sales

Implementation of an active email marketing campaign to the existing customer base has seen a remarkable conversion rate for any email marketing campaign we have ever seen with an achievement of 10% of recipients purchasing from the email. However we can only take some credit for that as the companies products once tried really do sell themselves.